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Bantuan dasa



Tauikan Panjalehan
Salamaik datang di Wikikato Panjalehan singkek tantang proyek, jo tauikan ka halaman bantuan pangantar.
Tanyo jawek Tanyo jawek yang indak tasabuik di halaman bantuan iko.
Meja informasi Tampek untuak pandatang baru dapek batanyo tantang kato-kato jo tantang Wikikato, mintak tolong, atau mamposkan ide-ide lain nan indak sasuai jo biliak lain.


Tauikan Panjalehan
Caro manyuntiang halaman Panganta dasa untuak manyuntiang.
Bak kasiak Tampek untuak main-main ko sintaks-wiki dan untuak cubo manyuntiang.
Caro mambuek halaman Bantuan manulis halaman partamo Sanak.
Manulis definisi Ba a caro manulis definisi kamus.
Criteria for inclusion Describes the standard criteria for adding new words.
Entry layout Describes the standard layout for Wiktionary definition pages (see the simple example).
Internal links Where in a page to put a link to another entry.
Talk pages Talk page instructions and guidelines.
Emailing users How to use the email tool.
Disputing a definition The procedures for having a definition or entry removed or significantly altered.

Bantuan manangah



Tauikan Panjalehan
Pronunciation Links related to pronunciation notation and audio files.
Nominating an article for cleanup or deletion Requesting cleanup or deletion.
Inflection templates Using templates to indicate inflection.
Reconstructed terms Dealing with reconstructed terms such as Indo-European roots.
Interacting with other users Dealing with communications issues, should they arise.
Creating a template Creating a template
Language inflection bot Running a language inflection bot using Python framework

Wiki sacaro umum

Tauikan Panjalehan
Editing Detailed help on editing pages.
Namespaces Organisation by page title prefix.
Templates Predefined content inserted using code snippets.
Showing the contents of one page within another page
Transwiki Moving content from one wiki to another.